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VP3 Legal Terms

On2 represents and warrants that it shall not assert any rights relating to infringement of On2's registered patents, nor initiate any litigation asserting such rights, against any person who, or entity which utilizes the On2 VP3 Codec Software, including any use, distribution, and sale of said Software; which make changes, modifications, and improvements in said Software; and to use, distribute, and sell said changes as well as applications for other fields of use.

Theora Git

Xiph.org development projects are available to the public through read-only Git repositories.

Accessing Git at Xiph.org

Access to Xiph.org can be handled basically two ways:

Using the Git client

Once you've installed the Git client, just type

git clone https://git.xiph.org/theora.git

to check out the Theora codebase.

Once you've got the repository checked out, you no longer need to specify this full path; the repository location is stored with the checkout. git pull will sync your local copy with the repository. See the Git manual for additional information on how to use Git.

Using the web interface

To do this, browse the Theora git repositroy.

The source for the legacy VP3 codec for Quicktime and Video for Windows can be obtained from SVN: svn co https://svn.xiph.org/trunk/vp32.